Grantmaking Programs

The Rose Foundation's grantmaking programs are organized into a series of discrete funds. Each fund has a specific mission, and each fund may also have a specific geographic scope. Most funds are guided by a volunteer funding board whose members donate their time and expertise in guiding overall grantmaking strategy and individual grants decisions.

Several of Rose's grantmaking funds are enabled by cy pres or restitution funds awarded by the courts. Other funds have been established in partnership with colleague foundations which recognize Rose's capacity to act as a bridge between the world of philanthropy and the world of activism. As these funds have matured, we have learned that they have also become important vehicles for helping individual donors efficiently direct charitable dollars towards cutting edge community and environmental protection projects. Donors who want to go the next step and establish an individual donor advised fund may also take advantage of Rose's administrative capacity, community orientation, and individualized approach to donor service.

Finally, Rose is an incubator for fresh ideas and emerging projects. Though fiscal sponsorship and across the entire spectrum of our grantmaking programs, we find and nurture community-based energy, fresh ideas, and new alliances to help protect our fragile and shrinking planet.

Grantmaking Philosophy
The Rose Foundation's grantmaking strategically focuses support towards projects and organizations that are building long-term solutions that respect, empower and improve their communities.
Grantee Spotlights
Following the May 2013 Board Meeting, the Rose Foundation awarded thousands of dollars to environmental and consumer protection organizations throughout the country.
Northern California Environmental Grassroots Fund
The Grassroots Fund is a collaborative initiative of more than 20 foundations to support community-based grassroots environmental efforts throughout Northern California. It awards small grants ($5,000 or less) to small organizations that are underserved by most foundations' funding strategies.
Community Leadership Project
The Community Leadership Project is a joint effort of the David and Lucile Packard, James Irvine and the William and Flora Hewlett foundations to build the capacity of community-based organizations serving low-income people and communities of color. As a part of Community Leadership Project (or CLP) the Rose Foundation will support 10 organizations from the San Francisco Bay Area over a 3-year period to help them strengthen their leadership, become more financially stable and resilient to changing conditions.
Donor Advised Grantmaking
A donor advised fund is a philanthropic partnership between the Rose Foundation and the donor.
Fiscal Sponsorship Grantmaking
Through its fiscal sponsorship program, Rose helps emerging projects incubate and launch as new non-profit organizations, and also provides projects that are temporary in nature with structure and a charitable home.