Current Fiscal Sponsorship Projects

Fiscal Sponsorship Funds
The Rose Foundation provides sponsorship, development and management assistance to selected projects whose goals directly further the Foundation's own mission. Here's a list of projects that are currently enrolled in Rose's fiscal sponsorship program.

You can make donations to one or more of these projects from this website.

Angelenos Against Gridlock
Working for a better and greener future for Los Angeles, with a fully built out rail transit system, improvements in bicycle infrastructure and safety, and other solutions to Los Angeles' infamous and crippling traffic gridlock and smog.

Bay Area Environmental Health Collaborative
Working to reduce the cumulative impact of air pollution in Bay Area communities that are heavily burdened by or especially vulnerable to pollution exposure.

California Business Alliance for a Clean Economy
Organizing and amplifying the voice of California businesses in support of clean energy solutions.

Foundation Partnership for Corporate Responsibility
Educates funder colleagues about harmonizing mission goals and investment management.

Impact = Capital + Action

A conference series that encourages philanthropists, donors, and major pension plans to use their investments to create social change for the environment, community development, health care, human rights, education and global poverty alleviation.

Investor Environmental Health Network
A collaboration of investors advised by NGOs responding to market and health risks associated with toxics in products.

No Wetlands Landfill Expansion
Community-based advocacy to limit the environmental and health impacts of a landfill that is on the edge of an environmentally sensitive marsh and the Petaluma River estuary.
Demonstrating, through direct incentive approaches, how economic development and environmental conservation can be compatible.

Treasure Island Wetlands Project
Promoting the sustainable reuse of Treasure and Yerba Buena Islands, in particular through the creation of wetlands -- for stormwater management and wildlife habitat -- on Treasure Island, and ecological restoration on Yerba Buena Island.

Wilderness Reflections
Scholarship fund enabling low-income, at-risk youth to participate in wilderness trips designed to help people find the inspiration to meet life's challenges and connect with their natural environment.