Supporting the Grassroots Fund

Growing the Grassroots from Rose Foundation on Vimeo.

The Grassroots Fund channels the support of more than 20 funding partners towards building the grassroots base of the environmental movement in California. Through a re-granting program conducted under the guidance of a funding board that consists of community activists and funding partners, the Grassroots Fund awards modest grants ($5,000 or less) to small, locally based environmental groups. These groups are located throughout Northern and Central California, from the Tehachapis to the Oregon border. Many of these organizations run on a shoestring budget and fly completely under the radar of organized philanthropy. Some are staffed primarily, or entirely, by a small group of committed volunteers. But because they are embedded in their communities, these groups often make a powerful local impact, the effects of which ripple outward. The Grassroots Fund views this type of focused, contained-scale activism as the basic substrata of the larger environmental movement. In addition to strategically targeted grants, the Fund builds its grantees' organizational capacity through conducting trainings on fundraising, media, organizing and other key organizational development issues.

To Support the Grassroots Fund
Prospective funding partners, or anyone interested in learning more about the Grassroots Fund's goals, objectives, and democratic philanthropy model, should contact Rose Foundation's Executive Director.

To Apply For a Grassroots Fund Grant
The Grassroots Fund awards small grants of $5,000 or less to small, grassroots groups that are tackling some of the toughest environmental challenges in Northern California. To apply, download and fill out the application.

Seven Reasons to Support the Grassroots Fund
The Grassroots Fund is a bridge between organized philanthropy and the grassroots base of the environmental movement. Here are seven great reasons to cross the "grassroots bridge" with us.
Grassroots Funding Partners
Originally launched in 2003 by the Richard & Rhoda Goldman Fund, the Compton Foundation and the Rose Foundation, the Grassroots Fund has grown into a long-term partnership of more than 20 foundations.