Establishing a Donor Advised Fund

Donor advised funds administered by the Rose Foundation include annual funds, permanent endowments, and prizes. The following donor advised vehicles are available through Rose:

Annual Funds
In a donor advised annual fund, the Rose Foundation serves as the donor's charitable checkbook, helping the donor corral some or all of their donations into one, easy-to-manage fund. Some donors make a single, fully-deductible contribution to the Foundation each year. Others prefer to grow their fund over time with a series of payments. In either case, making gifts in the form of appreciated securities may significantly increase tax benefits. To defray the costs related to grant administration, accounting and overhead, the Foundation charges a one-time 6% fee on these funds upon receipt of the donation. No annual fees are charged on these funds.

Permanently Endowed Funds
In a permanently endowed fund, the Foundation's goal to maintain and grow the corpus donation while using annual earnings to support grants to charities close to the donor's heart. The Foundation places donor-advised endowments in a separate named account, and all interest and earnings accrue to the endowment. The Foundation charges an annual management fee of 2%. Endowments require a minimum of $10,000 to start. Permanent endowments are managed in accordance with high standards of financial prudence plus consideration of environmental and social criteria. We are pleased to report that Rose's endowments enjoy returns which match those of the broad market indices, while the weight of the corpus supports the overall mission of the Rose Foundation.

Prizes are annual cash awards recognizing outstanding accomplishments in a field of environmental endeavor close to the prize founder's heart. In many cases, the prize founder chairs an advisory committee which assists in selecting the recipient. The Foundation produces and distributes application materials, and provides pre-screening and administrative support to the advisory committee.

Supporting Charities Over Time
Rose can also maintain an endowment on behalf of a designated charity, or set of charities, and make annual support donations. In these types of funds, a donor is able to provide for the permanent support of their favorite charities, ensuring that their gift will meet future, as well as present, needs. This option may be appropriate when the designated beneficiary does not have experience in managing a large donation, or when the donor wants to establish an oversight mechanism to ensure that the future use of the funds stays true to the original intent.

To Establish a Donor Advised Fund
To establish a donor advised fund, or to explore the potential options, please contact Executive Director.