Community members need adequate resources to be able to participate effectively in environmental, consumer protection and social justice issues. One of the most obvious and pressing needs is money, and Rose's grantmaking programs are designed to funnel support from colleague foundations, businesses and individuals towards cutting edge environmental, consumer and social justice programs.

But community-based organizations and the people they represent need more than just money. Rose integrates training programs into its grantmaking to help organizations develop the internal capacity the need to conduct successful programs. We want to strategically award grants to help communities win important environmental and consumer protections. But we also want to leave the organizations we support stronger after the grant dollars have been spent.

But ultimately, we don't just need to strengthen community-based organizations - we need to strengthen communities themselves and the fabric of democracy. To achieve this, Rose focuses on youth leadership development and teaching high school students how to step forward as the emerging young leaders their communities need.

New Voices Are Rising
New Voices Are Rising is an Oakland based leadership development project that conducts environmental justice and advocacy programs with Bay Area high school students. Primary partners include several Oakland high schools and non-profit agencies. New Voices is funded through a combination of individual donations, government grants, and support from other foundations. Check out our BLOG: Listening to New Voices!
Restitution and Cy Pres Fund Trustee
Over the last 15 years, the courts have appointed Rose as trustee for approximately 300 separate environmental and consumer restitution and cy pres funds. These funds enable grants to community-based organizations whose work closely matches the nexus of the underlying settlement.
Grantmaking Programs
Rose administers several grantmaking funds. These funds support grassroots environmental activism, watershed protection, air quality, environmental health and justice, and consumer privacy protection. Many of the grants funds are enabled by legal settlements. Other grants funds are supported by colleague foundations and/or individual donors, or maintained on behalf of fiscally sponsored projects.
Coast to Crest Trail
The Rose Foundation is constructing a 6-mile trail that will connect an existing trail system from the Pacific Coast in Crescent City to Harrington Mountain in the Siskiyou Wilderness.
Previous Programs
The Rose Foundation has helped save magnificent stands of old-growth redwoods in Humboldt County's Headwaters Forest; marshaled national investor pressure for more sustainable corporate behavior and educated foundation trustees in harmonizing investment portfolio management with their charitable missions; and helped write the blueprint for sustainable military base conversion and redevelopment in the Bay Area.