Puget Sound Grassroots Fund

The Puget Sound Grassroots Grants Program is intended for smaller, mostly volunteer-driven groups that are working on water quality issues, and might not have past experience in applying for foundation grants. Applicants in the Puget Sound area whose annual income/expenses are below $100,000 are strongly encouraged to apply to the Grassroots Fund. Grassroots Grants will range from $1,000 - $10,000. After receiving a grant, all Grassroots Fund grantees will also become eligible for supplemental organizational capacity-building assistance, including scholarships to attend trainings related to accounting, fundraising, planning, board development, communications, media, database development and similar topics.

If your group is over $100,000 in income/expenses, then your group maybe eligible for larger grant for projects that benefit the Puget Sound. Click here for more information.

The Story of the Settlement
The $1.5 million BNSF settlement is one of the largest ever in a citizen enforcement action involving stormwater discharges. According to the Department of Ecology, polluted stormwater runoff is the number-one source of toxic loading in the Sound. Heavy metals, especially copper, are particularly dangerous to the survival of salmon species, which are highly valued culturally and economically by the people of the Puget Sound Region.
Puget Sound Grassroots Grantees
See a list of our Fall 2013 grantees.
Eligibility and Project Examples
Check the eligibility requirements to see if your group should apply for a Puget Sound Grassroots Fund grant and to see examples of eligible projects.
How to Apply
Please read these instructions carefully and follow them step by step. Please check the eligibility requirements before completing the application.
Hints for Applicants
Applicants are strongly urged to review these hints, which are based on commonly-asked questions and feedback from the funding board.
Puget Sound Grassroots Training Scholarships
Grantees are encouraged to increase their effectiveness by expanding their organizational and administrative skill through a training scholarship program.
Submit Grant Report One Year After Receiving Grant
If your group is awarded a grant, you must provide a final grant report within one year of receiving the money, or before your group can receive additional funding.
Puget Sound Funding Board
The Puget Sound Stewardship and Mitigation Fund is advised by a local funding board of individuals with deep knowledge of Puget Sound issues.
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