Restitution and Cy Pres Fund Trustee

The Rose Foundation’s unique role as a bridge between philanthropy and the community has been recognized by state and federal courts, which have appointed the Foundation as trustee over 300 restitution and cy pres funds related to consumer and environmental issues.  Through this program, the Foundation has been entrusted with over $20 million in cy pres and restitution funds and has been named as recipient of additional awards which are anticipated to total over $5 million.

Restitution Grantmaking at the Rose Foundation for Communities and the Environment from Rose Foundation on Vimeo.

How We Administer Restitution and Cy Pres Funds
The Rose Foundation establishes grants funds that closely conform with the nexus of each settlement. Most of these grants funds are advised by an expert funding board. In some instances, several similar settlements may be pooled together to form a single fund. However, even in these pooled funds, the nexus of each settlement is fully preserved. The grants from these funds are awarded and administered through a carefully-structured, competitive, and transparent process.
Examples of Restitution and Cy Pres Funds
Here are a few examples of the different types of restitution and cy pres funds that the Rose Foundation is administering.