New Voices Are Rising

New Voices Are Rising strives to develop young leaders, especially in low-income communities and communities of color in Alameda and Contra Costa Counties. These same communities are often under-represented in policy making forums and under-served by public policy.  The project helps young people gain the skills and experience in civic engagement that they need to begin to tackle the problems – including environmental health problems – that disproportionately impact their communities.

The project seeks to increase civic participation within under-represented communities, increase young people’s commitment to environmental justice, and reduce air and water pollution that severely impact both human health and the health of the San Francisco Bay.

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Planning Green Communities
New Voices students are participating in regional efforts to plan truly sustainable development for the Bay Area - including walkable, bikable communities with access to local transit, while providing economic opportunity and affordable housing.
Voter Participation
Youth from communities that are under-represented in the electorate register friends, family, and neighbors to vote.
Summer Institute
The New Voices Are Rising Summer Institute is a five-week intensive summer program for students from Oakland schools. Apply to the Summer Institute today!
Diesel Pollution Reduction & Youth Advocacy
High School students throughout the East Bay speak out in support of legislation that reduces diesel particulate pollution and protects public health
West Oakland Youth Neighborhood Pollution Patrols
Students from the EXCEL High School Law Academy put advocacy skills to work, sparking the campaign to make an industrial facility nearby become a better, cleaner neighbor.
New Voices in the Press
New Voices Press Coverage and Updates
Take Action!
Find out about how to take action and support environmental and neighborhood health!
New Voices Are Rising Staff, Advisory Board, and Partners

Inspiring New Voices Youth Call on MTC for Affordable Housing & Transit
Over the past three years, 16 New Voices Are Rising students have spoken out in meetings and helped shape the public discussion on Plan Bay Area, a combined plan for Bay Area land-use and transportation investment for the next 25 years.